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We provide reliable repair services for all brands and types of appliances!

About Us

Quick, Reliable Service


We are able to complete call outs to any household appliance and ensure that the job is carried out correctly and sufficiently.

Dependable Appliance Repair Experts


Oncall Appliances is a dependable appliance repair company, who always ensure that the job is completed professionally and that the client is satisfied with our work. With  engineers who have got over 15 years of experience, a solution to fix your broken appliance is always possible no matter how much of a challenge.

Our services are available from London spanning out  across the whole of Kent, we are very flexible and work with many estate agents to ensure there is always a happy tenant/client with working appliances to fit their needs. With our great customer service skills which can be seen by our customer reviews we are always making someones day with our services which is our main objective.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


At Oncall Appliances, we can always guarantee a satisfied  tenant/client with working household appliances ready for use